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Culture tourism includes tourism in urban areas. Cultural Tourism is effectively a synonym for heritage or ethnic tourism and a way for travelers to access the charm of local communities’ traditions, folklore, spaces and values. You can get a chance to learn more about the region’s way of life. you can know different lifestyle and culture and taste different foods. Also, You can increase your understanding.
world best places of culture tourism
Ahmadabad, India
Ahmadabad is famous for its distinct and diverse culture. Garba and Dandiya Raas is also popular. The festival of Navratri is well known excitedly and zeal, wherever folks perform Garba and Dandiya at pre-arranged venues. Uttarayan festival is widely known as a kite flying day on January fourteen per annum. The city is additionally famous for embroidery from kutch and Saurashtra region. Gulbai Tekra area is known for its Ganapati idols, and Law Garden is famous for its mirror-work handicraft.

Cape town, South Africa
Cape Town is that the place wherever South Africa’s original inhabitants (the Khoisan) first lived and wherever colonising Europeans first settled. Cape Town has an mind-blowing arts and culture Scene. The people are creative and artistic and there are varied platforms to showcase their skills, from street walls to exhibition centres. town is home to variety of proficient painters, photographers, musicians and sculptors. Theatre and plays also are huge within the town. Rugby, cricket, soccer and sport are the most sports of town. There arevaried festivals and first round the town in celebration of music, wine, food, flowers, sports, arts, etc. cape town is known for its quality of food.
Jockson Hole, WY, USA
Jockson Hole is a valley. It is situated between the Taton Mountain Range and Gros Ventre Range in Wyoming. With an eclectic gallery scene, a profusion of fine wines and a heavy dedication to musical genre, Jackson Hole is quietly changing into one in every of the Rocky Mountains’ leading cultural centers.

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