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The bike traveling box is used by the cyclists who have to transport their cycles to different places either to participate in different events or who are looking for leisure seeking holiday rides across different destinations in the world. The professional bikes are very much expensive and in fact the performance of the cyclist depends a lot on the condition of the bike. Hence it is very important for the bikers to find quality bike shipping case that ensures to safely transfer the bike in the best condition without any damages. However, the ground scenario in the market is way different with many bike manufacturers coming up with inferior products and not able to meet the expectations of the bike owners. Alan who was a professional cyclist and has participated in many cycling championships and events across the world has faced a lot of trouble with the inferior quality bike boxes and hence has decided to come up with his own brand knowing the expectations of the bike riders in first hand and also using his engineering background to design and develop some best quality bike boxes that would assure 100% damage free to the bikes transported in the carriers.

The Bike box Alan is his brand which comes in a clever geometrical design that can fit in any model bikes without any problem. The Alan bike boxes are sturdy and compact with best safety features like anti-crush pole, Velcro straps to hold the bike parts intact, TSA combination lock to the box, padded pull strap, black clasps etc that make it easy to pack a bike in the box and also move it easily wherever you need. This Alan bike box easily fits into the car trunk or above to transfer it to an airport or cargo ships and however roughly it is handed you can be assured that there would not be any damage to the box or the bike packed inside it. The Alan bike box manufacturer beats the competitors with not only the best quality but also a 7 year warranty on their bike traveling box which cannot be promised by any other manufacturer in the market. You can find the Alan bike shipping case in exciting colours and can also be customised as you desired by adding your country flag stickers, name and other things as you like.

Bikeboxalan is one of leading mountain bike travel bag suppliers in the UK. We are providing high quality bags they can match your needs effectively and efficiently. All our bags are handmade and gives you a long lasting experience. You can find more info on our website, just visit at

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