Life is stressful these days. According to recently published post stress is the major issue for low productivity which further leads to obesity. Obesity has become global issue of concern. With the growth of technology working lifestyle in offices have become more desk bound jobs, due to physical inactivity fitness has become major concern among working class. Therefore, it is essential to keep check on weight and stay fit.

Healthy diet

Healthy eating is essential aspect of fitness regime. Therefore it is prime concern what you eat and when you eat. People often have habit of eating during late night which results in over weight. Fiber food, curbing down sugar rich food and plenty of water plays crucial role in fitness. Healthy people should consume atleast 2 ltr of water.

Eating Style

Another major step in fitness regime is your eating manner. People often starve themselves when they are trying to loose their belly which is not suggested by any dietician. Take small meal in regular interval rather than having heavy meal intake. Properly chew every bite of your meal. It is good practise to have warm water after meal which helps in digestion.


Daily exercise routine plays major role in fitness regime. Exercise plays essential role to stay focus and stay motivated. It helps to build immune system in body. Excercise helps to improve metabolism rate and you look much younger.
Gym is also healthy culture for fitness and to remain in shape. Expert gym trainers will guide you perform daily work out activity. Diet plays major role in work out training. Therefore, it is advisable to follow prescribed gym instructions.