An honest confession

The Orient Esteem II Open Heart Automatic FAG02001B0 Men’s Watch is an example of perfect Japanese craftsmanship. Orient is a brand that has created some remarkable watches that range from hardcore sports to extremely strict formal and everything in between. They are known as much for their dress watches as with their sports.

An esteemed overview

The Open Heart Esteem is a dress watch you can pick up for the punches it exhibits. It competes with several others with a higher weight and class. In terms of elegance and looks, it’s nothing different from any mid-entry level Swiss made timepiece, except for the names.

Orient dedicated to constant improvements in watch mechanisms to ensure that yours stand the test of time. You can go worry-free with the Orient Esteem II Open Heart Automatic FAG02001B0 Men’s Watch about treatment and maintenance as long as you do not let it go under 100 feet of water. The poolside party is nothing that can bring it harm.

A more in depth look will reveal why the Orient Mako Automatic Men’s Watch is such a great watch. Its classic, round face blends in easily within formal settings and makes it a watch that will find use through the ages. The mineral crystal glass has a magnifying effect that beautifully enhances the dials visibility while protecting from the top. Simple scratches and knocks are nothing to be bothered about. It is built to handle much more. Let not the sophisticated look fool you.

Behind the name

The ‘open heart’ view is between 8 and 9 and gives a glimpse of the mechanical system that runs behind. The cut on the dial makes for a unique look. The case is slightly thicker than what would have been ideal but nevertheless, the stainless steel construction oozes class.

The automatic, mechanical movement from Orient’s in-house facility stores more than 40 hours of running power for full days off the wrist. Its dauphine hands point accurately to every mark to save you from spending too much time looking at it.

The beauty of the Esteem Open Heart is it’s made for daily use. The glossy leather strap takes on a matted gleam within a few days. It’s genuine leather that’s tough and holds the watch reliably to your wrist.

The New Orient Watches has more of a personal preference aspect rather than a purpose-driven fan following. Though, you can wear it to the sea and the beaches, that’s not where it’s meant for. It’s for a more dressed up occasion like a work-related, formal events. Its assuring weight doesn’t sit heavy and offer no restriction to arm movements.