Movers International is based in Preston in Lancashire and runs a weekly removals service to France. The company can pack and collect everything from a single item to a complete home or business from anywhere in the UK and transport it to anywhere in France.

If you are moving to France, wherever in the country you are going, Movers International has honed its’ service over the last 30+ years so that house removals to France are something the company undertakes so regularly that its’ drivers know every part of the country. This counts for a lot when you are moving abroad. Simply moving home in Britain is known to be one of the most stressful things we ever do, and most people move home on average every seven years.

Moving abroad causes even more stress because while you might have been to the area that you are going to live in for a holiday, or you might know it a little because your company has an office there and you have been there a few times, nonetheless France is a foreign country and has a different culture from ours in Britain. Completely upping sticks in Britain and moving there permanently, or even semi-permanently, can be a considerable jolt to the system.

Yes, you may know the area reasonably well, but you probably don’t know which shops to go to in order to buy the basic groceries – which you are going to have to do the day you move, so that you have something to eat for breakfast the next day! When you are moving furniture to France there is a long list of things that you will have written down that have to be done, such as how to wire in the cooker – if you are taking it with you – and how to buy and install a new one quickly if you are going to get a new one. There is a seemingly never-ending list of things to do, some of which are urgent and some of which are not so urgent but still need to be done.

This is why it pays to have the team at Movers International on your side. We can get the packing up and moving part done for you seamlessly, and install all your furniture in your new home in the right rooms, ensuring that it all arrives in the same condition it left the UK. That’s one big worry off your mind.