A global leader in software testing, QA Mentor has recently announced to offer regression testing service to their clients all over the world. They are all set to offer client centric regression testing to MNC, Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. Being one of the best QA companies, they understand how important it is for an IT company to keep their image intact in the eyes of their clients. And for this, offering error-free and world-class software and app is extremely crucial. This is where QA Mentor wants to help their clients.

“Regression Testing is very important for a software company, as this is the way to make sure that after patch or bug fixing, the applied changes do not adversely affect the other parts of the system. These issues can either be functional, non-functional or aesthetic. In most cases, if one issue is fixed, it can give rise to some other issues in the software. This can affect the reputation of the company in a negative way and as a result, the company may lose their valuable clients. We offer the best regression services to make sure that you don’t lose your clients because of low-quality software filled with unknown bugs. In order to do that, we follow a strict guideline and maintain the industry standards. We start by reviewing the project schedule. Then we demo the application that we are going to test. A regression test plan is developed by our talented and skilled QA professionals. Once the test plan is ready, we execute the regression test and log the defects. Once the issues are fixed, our QA experts test again before the final delivery of the project”, shared a spokesperson of the company.

The regression testing service offered by the QA Mentor is all set to provide their clients a number of advantages. Being one of the best software testing companies, they always make sure to deliver the project with sheer perfection, void of any bugs. Their team of exceptionally talented QA experts can take the burden of your team by performing consistent as well as regular full regression testing. They always give their clients the top priority. If a company has monthly releases of applications, then QA Mentor can schedule monthly regression tests for them. Their regression testing services are designed in such a way that they show their clients the best ways to standardize their automation process.

About QA Mentor

A multi-award winning company, QA Mentor is based in New York and has offices in countries such as France, Russia, Israel, Romania, Ukraine and India. They are a leader in the field of Software Quality Assurance and Testing. With some of the best QA experts in their team, they offer 30 unique QA testing services. They are available 24/7 and offer customized services to their clients all around the globe. Quality is something that they never compromise with. Having clients in 28 countries, ranging from startups to fortune 500 companies, they offer affordable testing services. To know more about QA Mentor and their regression testing service, please visit https://www.qamentor.com/testing-coverage/functional-testing/regression-testing/