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Kosmic Fusion offers meditation evenings that helps you improve your focus, attention, and ability to work under stress. The mission of Kosmic Fusion is to bring forward a world makeover through spiritual workshops, through the power of “Absolute” where love, compassion, and acceptance are at its heart.

Meditation evenings offered by Kosmic Fusion are not ordinary meditations. These meditation evenings give you incredible experience of being touched by the Love & Grace of the Source/Void – the Absolute! Meditation evenings are a powerful stepping stone to help you achieve spiritual awakening and improve mental and physical processes in your journey toward consciousness of being “one”.

In these meditation evenings, participants have experienced profound and spontaneous healing. Meditation is not only a way to achieve spiritual awakening but also a powerful tool to elevate or train the body to absorb immense inflow of scientifically-proven levels of quantum energy that is present during spiritual awakening experiences. Kosmic Fusion’s values are based on simple principles Honesty, Integrity & Authenticity and initiatives like ‘Cosmic Meditations’ bring seekers one step closer to their spiritual transformation.

These meditation evenings are for anyone who is looking to use the power of meditation to overcome the mundane challenges or just as a tool for relaxation. In meditation evenings, everyone from the beginners to advanced spiritual seekers are welcome and will get benefitted on personal, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. You can attend one of the meditation evenings organized at a physical venue in New Zealand, Australia, United Arab Emirates or Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore – OR simply join them online, from the comfort of your own home.

So, come and meditate with the source/void. There is no pre-requisite for meditation evenings. Visit website or contact at 0275 11 44 87 to register for meditation evenings.

About the Company:
Kosmic Fusion is a non-religious worldwide movement towards a world makeover. We follow & practice our path to Self-realization and God-Consciousness. Over the years participants of their workshops have resolved severe Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual blocks by simply receiving powerful Silent Transmissions. The mission of Kosmic Fusion is driven by volunteers with the most diverse background & belief systems, they are charged up to bring positive changes to others exploring Spirituality to Awaken, Transform & Transcend perceived limitations.