Gold Coast Digestive Health is a digestive disorder clinic in Ashmore, Gold Coast. Physician Natasha Martin is the owner and naturopath in this clinic. They are providing services such as initial consultations, in-clinic testing and pathology testing. Their ultimate aim is to identify the disease
from the root and treat accordingly. Their treatment prevents the disease recurring in the future. Natasha has the quality to give positive thoughts to the patient about their health condition and her success stories.

Integrative Doctors
Integrative Doctors are doctors who can use all the available types of treatments. It varies from conventional to alternative type treatments. They consider the health, wellness, disease, mind, spirit, community and body in their treatment process. They analyse past health reports to identify the disease more accurately. The doctors wish to get a consultation with other doctors about the patient health condition. It helps to gain more knowledge about the disease and easily starts the nest treatment process. Patients have the option to choose the doctors of their choice.

Why Gold Coast Digestive Health
Gold Coast Digestive Health is the prominent health clinic to provide the best diagnostic treatment methods. Physician Natasha in this clinic is an integrative doctor has cured many digestive problems to her patients. Natasha makes a partnership with patients in the healing process. With doctors, patients also work hard to the way of wellness. They think that digestion is the key to cure many diseases. Patient with good adrenal health has the ability to maintain the effective immune system and optimal gut health.

About Gold Coast Digestive Health
Gold Coast Digestive Health is a health clinic located in Ashmore, Gold Coast. This clinic has experienced practitioners to get the best treatment. Natasha Martin is a physician with 16 years of experience in the health industry including 4 years experience in the integrative medicine field. They
are providing services such as integrative consultation, microscopic creening, zyto body scan, tests to assess digestive function, DNA testing and Pyrrole testing. They cured many critical digestive issues with naturopathic, homoeopathic and medicines. For more information on integrative doctors in gold coast, visit their website at

13 Kurrambee Avenue
Ashmore, QLD 4214
Phone: 07 5676 5076