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Goolsby Law firm is providing reliable legal help and handle all types of serious injury, mishap and wrongful death cases. At the Goolsby Law firm, we know how stressful personal injury cases can be for people. That’s because we’ve handled so many complicated cases during our many years of service to clients throughout North Carolina.
With 25+ years of trial and courtroom experience, Thomas C. Goolsby, MBA, JD is a top attorney of choice for criminal defense and personal injury cases. Numerous insurance companies hire adjusters and attorneys who handle injury claims to fight against you. At the Goolsby Law firm, our main focus is on protecting you and your settlement against them.
After a car accident or workplace injury, you may suffer with both current and future medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional damages, property damage, family stress, and permanent physical impairment. Car mishaps happen fast in Wilmington. Generally, when you least expect it, another driver can cause a serious accident with serious harm. A car accident can suddenly lead to numerous losses, which is the reason why it is necessary to have a reliable injury attorney.
Personal Injury Attorney in Wilmington works with you and help you address all your legal needs after your serious road accident. Our team of injury law experts recommends that clients should try and obtain several color photographs if possible and be sure to document any notes associated with the accident.
We have helped a huge number of clients in Wilmington, North Carolina successfully resolve their car accident claims. Don’t be tricked by insurance companies or what they may tell you. Our aim is to protect your rights and ensure that you receive all the compensation you deserve.
Realizing what to do when you’re looked with a serious legal issue can be confounding. That is the reason it’s critical you contact the Personal Injury Attorney in Wilmington. An accomplished Wilmington personal injury lawyer at our law office can meet with you and converse with you about your legal issue. We can carefully review the details of your case and give you legitimate, clear legal advice. That way, you can settle on informed choice.
The best part is that we work on a contingency fee basis. That implies you just pay if we win. We believe that’s the most ideal approach to offer exceptional legal service to the people who need it most. Find what we can do for you.