Cyber Security for Industry 4.0 scheduled on 29 January 2019, Mumbai is gearing up to market response, Explore Exhibitions and Conferences is all set by understanding and addressing issues by the Manufacturing industry. Few our industry leaders noted the benefits from Industry 4.0 are far reaching.
• A result of consistent monitoring and computer controlled assessments; manufacturing plants can see improvements in efficiency and productivity.
• One more added advantage of adapting Industry 4.0 is that it offers a number of health and safety benefits as human intervention can be completely avoided in certain processes, particularly for jobs in hostile working environments.
• Results through adopting Industry 4.0 could be increased revenues, greater profit margins and even an advantage over competitors.
However, implementing and integrating changes in working practices means there could also be some risk associated which should not be ignored. The same industry leaders who discussed the reaping benefits also caution about the disadvantages of connectivity.
• With Industry 4.0, physical entry terminals all have IoT, IIOT, cloud computing, Big Data processing embedded into them. While this advanced applications helps improve productivity, developing a weaker point in the entire system which can influence the cyber criminals.
• One of the key challenges with cyber security within industrial plants is that attacks are extremely difficult to identify on Operational Technology (OT) environments. Consider a plant where, for an unknown reason, a certain component suddenly stopped working.
It is therefore essential that manufacturing plants looking to adopt Industry 4.0 take steps to improve security and ensure they are not exposing their systems to cyber criminals.

Few of such companies which have come forward to reduces the cyber risk by understanding and associating with industries are Tenable® and Skybox Security

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