Surface finish aka surface texture is a significant property for machines, component structures and materials, which are exposed to harsh operation conditions and environment. Surface finish aids in controlling friction and transferring layer formation during sliding. Subject to extreme temperatures, corrosive environment, or abrasive conditions, the surface of the material may get critically damaged. The application of surface treatment chemical increases hardness, wear resistance and improves adhesion of other chemical treatments such as photosensitive and other coating.

Surface treatment is majorly utilized for treatment of metals and alloys, however not only limited to metal, but surface treatment are also utilized for treatment of printed circuit boards, which are composed of plastic and metal. Metal profiles prefer surface treatments such as electroplating, which engages in the formation of metallic coating on surfaces and anodic oxidation for light metals such as titanium and aluminium. Additives and sealants are also used to ensure efficient application of other chemicals.

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Global Surface Treatment Chemicals Market: Drivers & Restraints

With an extensive application of surface treatment chemicals in automotive coating, the thriving global automobile and component production is expected to create sustainable demand for the surface treatment chemical market, especially etchants and electrolytic colouring chemicals. Expanding industrialisation and escalating heavy machinery demand in emerging market will create thriving opportunities for domestic and global manufacturers during the forecast period. Among metal application, the expanding residential and commercial infrastructure is propelling demand for anodised aluminium, which in turn create strong demand for anodising chemicals such as degreaser, additives and etchants. However, stringent environmental regulations regarding emissions restrain the volume sales of some surface treatment chemicals in certain regional markets.

Global Surface Treatment Chemicals Market: Segmentation

On the basis of product type, the surface treatment chemicals market can be segmented as:

Anodising chemicals

Alkaline Degreaser

Etchants and additives

Electrolytic colouring and brightening



Paint Strippers


Additives and Sealants

Corrosion Protection

Others (primers, coatings, etc.)

By application, the global surface treatment chemicals market can be segmented as:

Electronics and Electrical

Automotive and Components

Industrial machinery

Aerospace and other transportation

Construction and infrastructure


Global Surface Treatment Chemicals Market: Regional Outlook

Among surface treatment chemicals market regions, Asia and North America market together contribute the majority of the revenue contribution during the forecast period. However, spearheaded by India, China and ASEAN, Asia Pacific is expected to witness relatively high growth in terms of value and volume, owing to increasing demands for surface treatment chemicals in automotive, industrial manufacturing and electronics application. Russia surface treatment chemicals market is expected to project a relatively strong growth and thereby driving the revenue sales of the Eastern Europe surface treatment chemicals market. In Latin America surface treatment chemicals market, the demand is expected to be driven by proliferating demand for corrosion protective chemicals.

Brazil and Mexico are expected to register relatively high volume sales in the region with demand opportunities originating from construction and infrastructure application segment. Western Europe surface treatment chemicals market is expected to witness relatively mature volume sales owing to recuperating condition of the industrial machinery industry, however the demand is expected to resurge during the second half of the forecast period. The emerging industrial machinery and construction sector growth is expected to create a sustainable demand for anodising, paint strippers and corrosion protection chemicals in GCC and North Africa surface treatment chemicals market.

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Global Surface Treatment Chemicals Market: Market Participants

The market of surface treatment chemicals is highly fragmented with relatively high number of domestic and regional manufacturers in each region. Examples of some of the market participants in the global surface treatment chemicals market include Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Chemetall (BASF SE), JCU Corporation, Platform Specialty Products Corp, Politeknik Metal A.?. and Yuken Industry Co., Ltd. among others.