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Petitgrain oil is an essential oil which is derived from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium) by the process of steam distillation. Bitter orange belongs to the Rutaceae family which is originated in South-East Asia and spread to North Eastern India, Burma, China, Africa, Arabia, and Syria. Presently Paraguay is the larg Petitgrain oil has a woody smell as well as floral smell due to which it is used to make perfumes too.

The Petitgrain oil market can be segmented on the basis of application, packaging, distribution channel and region.

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By application, Petitgrain oil market can be segmented into food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry, aromatherapy, and personal care. In the food and beverage industry, Petitgrain oil is used to add essence and flavor in food, soup, and drinks. In the pharmaceutical industry, Petitgrain oil can be used for medicinal purposes as it is antiseptic, antispasmodic, antidepressant, nervine in nature. It can be used to prevent acute pain in particular portion of human body, it fights infection by inhibiting bacterial growth. Petitgrain oil can be used to avoid spasms and induces relaxation in tissues, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. It also overcomes depression, anxiety, stress and other problems. It can be used as burners and vaporizers too. In aromatherapy, Petitgrain oil is used for dyspepsia, fluid retention, greasy skin, headaches and migraine, hay fever, insomnia, mature skin, nausea, and nervous exhaustion. In personal care, Petitgrain oil is used to make perfumes, lotions and creams, due to its fresh and floral fragrance.

By packaging, Petitgrain oil market can be segmented into glass bottles, glass jars, and P.E.T bottles. Among these, the glass bottles are mostly used for the packaging of Petitgrain oil.

By distribution channel, Petitgrain oil can be sub-segmented into direct and indirect sales. In indirect sales, Petitgrain oil is distributed by modern trade units, convenience stores, departmental stores and online retail units.

By region, Latin America is the fastest growing market for Petitgrain oil, followed by Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Africa and North America.

Petitgrain Oil Market Drivers, Trends, and Drivers

According to the recent trend of being healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle, people of the urban region are more attracted towards the organic products than the chemical ones, which is enhancing the Petitgrain oil market. One of the significant benefits of using Petitgrain oil is that it has antiseptic, antispasmodic, antidepressant and nervine properties which can heal many infectious diseases in human. Petitgrain oil can be used in foods, drinks, and soups to give an essence and flavor to it. Moreover, it can be used in vapor therapy which helps with anger, convalescence, panic, anxiety, and depression, calming irritation, while relaxing the body and it also helps boost the conscious intellectual side of the mind. Petitgrain oil can be used as a blended massage oil or it can be diluted in the bath. When used in lotion or cream, Petitgrain oil is very helpful to clear greasy skin, acne, pimples and other skin blemishes. Because of these benefits, aromatherapists, pharmaceutical industries and food industries are initiating the use of Petitgrain oil, because of which people in developed regions are coming across the benefits of the product and thus driving the Petitgrain oil market globally.

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In few regions, in spite of the beneficial qualities of Petitgrain oil, people are not aware of it which is inhibiting the growth of the Petitgrain oil market.

Petitgrain Oil Market Key Players

The benefits and usage of the Petitgrain oil is influencing key players in the market to manufacture and supply it to the consumers. Some of the key players in the market are BERJ√Č INC., doTERRA International, Augustus Oils Ltd., Hermitage Oils, Penta Manufacturing Company, TREATT Plc., The Lebermath Company Inc., Vigon International Inc., and others.