Searching for a reliable jewelry store in Northbrook that offers superior quality jewelry? If so, then your journey can finally come to an end, as Franz Jewelers Ltd is the answer you’ve been looking for.It is true that there are other northbrook jewelry stores available but if you want exclusive jewelry that is one of a kind, custom jewelry design and jewelry repair/restoration services under one roof, then Franz Jewelers Ltd will serve you well.Whether you want jewelry to wear on a daily basis or for any other special occasion, you will find quality jewelry that will match your particular needs.The broad range of jewelry offered by this jewelry store include bridal jewelry, silver, colored stone, gold and diamond jewelry along with watches and jewelry for other special occasions as well.

Franz Jewelers is exceptionally known for its unique wedding rings in northbrook collection. Options for vintage and antique jewelry collection are also available on the website and to know about the latest jewelry options or offers you can subscribe to their newsletter as well. We also offer a wide range of different rings and other pieces of jewelry to satisfy even the most selective buyer.When you’re working with a great jewelry store that offers an incredible jewelry selection, fantastic service, and things like customization, repair, and appraisal options all under one roof, then you’ve found a jewelry store that you can grow with, and one that you will have a strong level of confidence in working with over the years to help you pick out all the jewelry you will ever need.

About Our Company

Franz Jewelers Ltd. Is one of the leading jewelers in the Northbrook area. Founded in 1966 by a young watchmaker from Germany, we got our start by not only repairing watches but by creating beautiful jewelry with incomparable quality and attention to detail. This commitment to quality and to incredible customer service has stayed with our jewelry store for over 50 years, and to this day we still create each new piece of jewelry with a focus on creating something completely unique and that will be treasured by you or a loved one for generations. If you’re interested in learning more about the company, then visit our website today by going to

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Franz Jewelers Ltd
1220 Meadow Rd, Northbrook
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Phone: 847-272-4100