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We live in an age where many of the most serious diseases and traumatic injuries that we face are seeing improved treatment options become available. On one hand this can be a comforting notion, that there are options available when you’re facing something like a traumatic injury to your spinal cord. On the other hand, many of the most complex problems that the healthcare community faces still suffer from lack of comprehensive or fully effective treatments. This includes spinal cord injury treatment, where you might not be able to see improvements at the pace that you’d like or in a sufficiently fast timeframe using current methods.

This frustration among both patients and medical professionals has spurred ongoing research into new treatment options that may help to improve the timeline of treatment. Stem cell therapy has become an interesting option in that regard, both for physical issues like spinal cord repair and other issues like severe acute asthma and diseases such as lupus.

Ongoing research has both fueled new interest in stem cell therapy as well as providing new methods of selecting stem cells and providing treatment that show promise in improving what treatment options are already out there. What makes Stem Cell of America such an interesting clinic is that we are continually integrating cutting edge research into our treatment process, which has already been built atop of over 20 years of experience treating thousands of patients. If you’d like to learn more about our clinic or our history, then visit our website at

About Our Company

Stem Cell of America is dedicated to reducing the pain and suffering created by some of the most devastating diseases and conditions seen today. Founded in 1995, we are focused on delivering the future promise offered by Fetal Stem Cell therapy to patients today. Our clinic has treated over 7,500 patients from all over the world since our founding, operating out of a clinic that has been specifically designed to create a comfortable, secure environment for all patients to receive treatment. Aside from the work that we do with patients, our in-house lab and research center works to translate advances in stem cell science into innovative new treatments for our patients, providing a time-tested rigor to our treatment process. Learn more by visiting our website today.

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Contact Person: Karla C.
Company Name: Stem Cell of America
Full Address: 31200 Via Colinas, Westlake, CA 91362