The cyclists who are looking to transport to their bikes to other destinations need to checkout for the best bike shipping box to ensure that there are no damages and the bike is delivered in the best condition. The bike bag should provide the necessary protection to the bike during the transportation process. You never know how roughly the cargo is handled by the carriers and hence there is lot of demand for the quality bike travel bag. However, till recently most of the bike bag manufacturers never paid attention to the quality of the bike bags. Due to this many cyclists have faced a lot of problem in transferring their bikes to other destinations intact. Alan being a champion cyclist and has faced the same problem with the bike bags has now come up with his own bike travel bag company called Bike box Alan to address all the issues that he has faced in transferring his bike to other places. Being an engineer he has come up with clever geometric designs to ensure the bike box is compact and can fit in all model bikes without any problem. He has concentrated a lot on the quality of the bike box and now offers one that is sturdy and can sustain any kind of damages without effecting a bit to the bike packed inside it. Moreover, the Alan bike box comes with a 7 year warranty that has not been matched by any other competitor.

You can find Alan bike boxes available in different models for you to choose one. All these bike boxes come with features like anti-crush pole, Velcro straps, TSA combination lock, pull straps, black clasps etc that keep the bike in position inside the box. Though there are many complaints about the bike boxes available in the market you can find Alan coming up clean offering best services to their customers who are very much happy with the quality and design of the bike box backed up by the 7 year warranty. Even though the Alan bike box is dropped from a car or overloaded with other cargo you can be assured that there shall be no damage to the bike packed inside the box for sure. This is what has won the trust of the elite and the leisure cyclists alike that they are all now looking for the Alan bike shipping box to transfer their bikes to other destinations without any hassles.

Bikeboxalan is a new innovative bike box shipping company in the UK, offering different types of bike traveling boxes at affordable prices. All our bike shipping cases and boxes come with 7 years warranty. Want to buy it now, please kindly visit at

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