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Indore, MP- December 1st, 2018

MsgClub, the leading web-based multi-channel marketing platform is pleased to announce the SMS industry’s premier Bulk SMS API solutions for businesses. We have integrated all the most popular forms of communication so, that marketers can reach their customers with an ease of up to 100%.

We have introduced our APIs in a very secure and reliable form. A client can use ready to sample codes of computer programmable languages for their existing business management software, mobile apps, company’s official websites, CRM software, sales management applications etc. However, our clients can use APIs for multiple purposes including personalized SMS marketing, group messaging, SMS scheduling, balance check and a lot more.

Business will experience great value by choosing our smart API solution. Since 11+ years we are doing the business of bulk SMS services as a leader in the competitive market only because our team understands the utilization of smart channels in the future. With the rise in mobile phone users, SMS marketing has created a great presence among almost all kinds of companies and sectors. SMS marketing is the oldest method of advertising products and services in an efficient manner. SMS gateway can blast thousands of text messages on audiences mobile numbers in a very short span of time.

The SMS API provided by us has a robust troubleshooting guide for developers. With it, CRM software and other applications can pull information from one platform to another and even send SMS messages. With our HTTP and XML API, you will be able to personalize your each and every SMS content by including the name of the recipient, start two-way communication through the long code and enable OTP services. These amazing customizable options will make your enterprise or online store stand out from the rest of the entire competition.

We are very grateful to launch types of APIs for businesses. Some of the most widely used APIs are-

1. Single SMS API
2. Bulk sms API
3. SMS reseller API
4. Balance check API
5. Manage phonebook API
6. Unicode message API

The benefits of bulk SMS API are-

Using an API service you can use your business platforms to send text messages. Joining these numerous system applications into one functional control center.

Transfer and delivery speed is also fast. You can send a short amount of messages through HTTP SMS API for larger volume i.e up to thousand use JSON or XML API. SMS gateway also ensures complete security of data.