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Robotics technology is increasingly advancing and automating the warehouse operations. Serving as the leading warehouse automation company, GreyOrange offering solutions that are optimizing the entire process efficiently.

With the introduction of new technology i.e. robotics, the supply chain marketplace is increasingly undergoing the transformations. Being one of the viable factors for the warehouse automation companies to survive in the industry, this technology is entirely automating the process and allowing all the different segments to be managed in tandem. Realizing the importance and increasing need for warehouse automation, there are multiple service providers who are stepping ahead to mark their presence in the market.

And, among all such suppliers, GreyOrange is the pioneering one. With a thorough experience of a decade, the company is nodding all the odds out of the cut-throat market. We are backed by a cluster of talented and experienced professionals, having tons of seasoned exposure and thorough market research. We stepped in the industry with our perfect blend of flexible automation, the power of Artificial Intelligence with the robots goods-to-person technology to make the whole procedure easier for their clients.

Bringing Advancements In The Warehouse Systems for Supply Chain

Observing the requirements of warehouse transformation, the organization with its experienced marketing research team, innovated the solutions developed using the latest technologies and proven practices. They brought in the Autonomous Mobile Robots in a warehouse, advancing all the operations, optimizing the supply chain and enhancing process efficiency. The organization mainly focus on providing next-generation automation in the supply chain along with the automated picking systems, sortations software and parcel sorters.

All the solutions offered by the company enable its clients to focus on the things they are good at. GreyOrange stands apart from the crowd in the market with their quality assurance team. These are some of the reasons, customers praise the GreyOrange as the best warehouse automation company. Years of research, innovative intelligence, and brilliant solutions have finally obliged the organization in achieving their desired level of success.

The Range of Advanced Solutions Crafted WIth Intellectuality:

GreyOrange offers a range of automated solutions that not only bringing out the efficiency in the methodology but also, driving results within a shorter time frames. Each and every product is crafted with an exemplary blend of raw materials. Every single unit of the products undergoes a robust quality check process for regulating the efficiency to take part in the manufacturing process. Only after the complete assurance of the definite evaluative outcome from the QA team, the products are launched in the marketplace.

Butler-The Science-Driven Robotics System

As per the current market demand, the traditional rigid warehouse automation fails to render the clientele requirements. And, as the flexible automation is the only valuable solution for the warehouses today for gaining a competitive advantage, GreyOrange’s autonomous mobile robots coupled with the goods-to-man technology are the perfect solution for the enterprises.

GreyOrange’s Butler system possesses a range of butler robots along with the mobile storage units (MSU), pick/put stations, GreyMatter, and Auto-charging stations, an end-to-end intellectual order fulfillment software platform, controlling and managing several devices for driving the autonomous collaboration.

Linear Sorter- Scalable Sortation System

The company renders the hi-tech automated warehouse sorting systems, including package-handling capability and unmatched throughputs. The parcel sorter and linear sorter offered by the GreyOrange are coupled with the reliability, ability to route the parcels or packages based on the industry, defined sortation logics or any other custom logic based on your business dynamics. From the concept to the final installation, GreyOrange sorter can be deployed in up to 4-6 weeks. Along with these, the organization also offers cross-belt sorter and pick put-to-light solutions that deliver accuracy with quality.

Furthermore, for managing its market worth of reckoned warehouse automation company, GreyOrange offers the lowest price in comparison to the others in the market for their products.
Serving as the leading company, bringing autonomous mobile robots in a warehouse, GreyOrange constantly strive to strengthen their bond with their potential clients. What’s more? All the efforts made by the company are clearly shown in the positive responses received from its customers.

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