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In today’s article, I will walk with you to know how quickly and interestingly you can send SMS using a simple SMS API C#. I wanted to make it easy as possible for every business owner. Businesses or enterprises whether it a small retail shop or a leading online shopping store everyone wants a flexible way of communication and advertising.

It is the era, where hundreds of methods available in the market, but choosing the right one for the company is the most daunting task ever for owner or entrepreneur. As compared to email marketing which is considered as the oldest form of communicating any information, SMS marketing has whooping open rates of 98%. Businesses are now availed the SMS services with the help of online software that is accessible anywhere, anytime from the desktop.

As the world is evolving with new technologies, SMS services have also extended to its greater level. Many providers are giving an opportunity to enable the functionalities of their gateway into the software/website/application they’re already using into their company or store. Through the APIs of various computer languages, you can send messages of any type on mobile numbers across the nation.

Let’s learn with C# SMS gateway integration! Today, I have written this article for both, the Windows and web version in order to demonstrate the instructions that I will explain in this post. So, easily follow the steps as I walk you through the whole process in no time, sending text messages will be a piece of cake for you.

Personally, recommending an SMS API of best and prominent gateway provider of India. Don’t forget to try out their trial version of the interface. If you choose a good API provider you have good technical documentation with you and a large number of free SMS credits at the very first step.

There are different ways of sending text messages-

1. Using GSM modem
This would be the best option only when you have to implement offline apps and if you wish to send a small number of text messages. Using GSM modem is a good choice.

2. Using endpoints
Endpoints are perfect when the number of SMSes needed to be sent exceeds a hundred per minute.

3. Using web interface
It is an online application to send bulk SMS messages within a few seconds through the connectivity of various mobile operators at the back-end.

To being with the SMS marketing, first, choose a reliable gateway provider to ask their team members to provide an account for the developer tool. In the developer option, you will get APIs for various purpose, if your purpose is to just send bulk messages than choose its API in the C# language. Generate auth key and ask your developer to access the sample code of this language to change the parameters like username, mobile numbers, SMS content etc. And find out the API option into your application or software and paste the URL, to begin with, it.

This is the basic steps you need to follow while doing SMS gateway integration. In case if you have any doubts or facing issues while integrating your system with them than feel free to contact their customer support executives or sales team members for the best guidance.