As a landlord with multiple properties Patrick Kiely was faced with a choice, either go broke or address the rising running costs of his properties. He decided on the latter and decided to take matters into his own hands.
Over a period of 4 years Patrick worked tirelessly to develop a boiler that would use the energy more efficiently and reduce his energy bills.
The result was Heatese a boiler that saves up to 80% on your heating bill compared to a conventional boiler. Heatese is designed to work with larger houses and commercial properties such as schools, community centres and office buildings.
To achieves these energy savings Pat simply thought logically about boilers and looked at how he could minimise the fuel consumption of his boiler whilst preventing waisted energy being emitted back into the environment.
To do this Pat identified three key areas to make the boiler more energy efficient:
1. Heatese uses indirect heat which means it can heat the water more efficiently than directly heating water.
2. Heatese stores a large amount of water to prevent the need for unnecessary preheating which uses a lot of fuel.
3. Thirdly Heatese recovers the heat by using heat exchangers to heat the return water further to ensure as much useful heat is recycled back into the boiler.
Subsequently Heatese has now been successfully rolled out across Ireland with customer such as Mr Fox achieving an 86% reduction on his heating bill or a cash saving of £48.86 per week running on a normal operating cycle of 5 hours per day.
In addition to improve energy saving further Pat has designed an energy efficient convector radiator that uses just 200ml of water compared to the 7 litres of water used by conventional radiators. This helps reduce the fuel required to initially warm the water for your heating system.
Heatese boilers are available in gas, LPG and oil models and can be installed in the garage or plant room of buildings as well as the exterior of any building.

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