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The Arizona-based window tinting company provides car tint removal services to replace old films that no longer meet the criteria that the law has imposed.

[MESA, 11/29/2018] – SmartFilm offers car window tint removal to car owners who need to replace their old tint as compliance with state laws. According to the company, the law states that 33 percent of light must pass through rear side windows. The tint of the windshield must also not go beyond the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.

Car tint removal not only ensures drivers comply with state law, but it also protects the interior of their car from UV damage. The previous tint may not provide the protection that a new one can offer.

Spend Less with High-Quality Tint Removal Services

SmartFilm recognizes the importance of removing car tint properly. With proper execution, drivers will be safer while on the road and allow them to maintain the visual appeal of the vehicle. Since SmartFilm has a team of tint removal professionals, they can strip off the tint from the car at the first try. Car owners do not have to pay extra to remove any residue.

The company explains that its team applies meticulous and precise techniques to prevent any damage that razor blades may cause. Over the years, SmartFilm has mastered various techniques to achieve high-quality results without compromising the appearance of their car.

The Advantage of Replacing an Old Tint

SmartFilm underscores the value of car owners working with professionals in car tint removal. In some cases, drivers receive a film that blurs easily because of its low quality. This, however, increases the risk for road accidents. The company can fix different tinting problems to maintain the drivers’ safety.
Apart from car tint removal services, Smartfilm also provides first-grade window tinting, which offers multiple benefits. For example, a high-quality film can serve as protection from harmful UV rays. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause sunburn or increase a driver’s risk for skin cancer.

About SmartFilm

SmartFilm is a car window tinting and automotive services company that caters to car owners in Arizona. It has a team of experienced technicians that can enhance vehicles and give them the protection they need using only high-quality materials. The company offers installation services at a competitive price and values customer satisfaction. For more information, visit today.