Starbay Realty is a 100 percent commission real estate firm working to make it possible for real estate agents take back 100 percent commission for their hard work. They make an addition in property listing with 100 percent commission plan in Miami. Their hundred percent commission plan in Miami gives whole lot of chunk of benefits to the agents.

Starbay Realty, a brokerage firm believes in giving hundred percent opportunity to their agents. Their 100 percent commission model provides an equal chance in sharing the benefits between the brokerage and the real estate agents. The 100 percent commission real estate plan in Miami works at providing sufficient training and technological advancement for the success of their agents. Real estate agents in Miami are presently achieving their goals without giving out a huge portion of their split.

Starbay Realty offers a 100 percent real estate commission plan with minimalistic fees per month and per transaction. The goal is to make real estate agents work independently in their field and thereby get the whole benefits of the profits that come in their job. With their 100 percent commission plan, real estate agents can bring in more profits at the same amount of work they put in – with no additional costs whatsoever.

This new-age, and well-designed 100 percent commission real estate plan in Miami, has already changed the outlook of their current agents working out of Miami. This plan also gives real estate agents additional use of utilities and several other advantages.
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About the Company:
Star Bay Realty Corp is one of the best real estate company in Florida with an aim to recruit the innovative sales associates to sell different types of properties that might include commercial, residential, rental and vacant lands throughout Florida. The sales associates or agents associated with us can avail the 100% commission of their deal regardless of the type of property or the purchase price.
To become our team member, register yourself with a low cost of $29.99 per month and $29.99 per transaction and earn more money on every deal you crack. Becoming the team member of Star Bay Realty Corp will allow you to get access to our custom on-line tools and marketing knowledge. To know more about our offers, visit our website or contact us at 813-533-6467 today!