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Industrial surfaces and substrates require protection against deterioration due to mechanical, chemicals, and thermal load. Surfaces and walls of buildings and equipment require to be effectively protected against corrosion in industrial enterprises wherein chemicals are processed, stored, and transported. Acid resistant lining, alternatively known as acid proof lining, provides the best solution for such requirements, as it increases visual appeal and durability of structures, and offers abrasion resistance. Acid resistant lining materials are coatings that protect concrete, plastic piping, fiber glass, and steel structures against strong acids, solvents, and alkalis. They are employed in several end-use industries, wherein floors, walls, and equipment are constantly exposed to strong chemicals and acids.

Demand for acid resistant lining materials market is primarily driven by their high acid resistance and high mechanical strength compared to other ion protection methods such as polymer coatings and rubber lining systems. Many acid resistant lining materials are environment friendly and are not solvent-based systems. This gives them an added advantage over conventional products. They provide protection to several types of surface structures such as plastics, concrete, steel, and fiberglass against strong acids, alkalis, and solvents as well as mechanical damages and high temperatures.

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Durability, sturdiness, finishing, and resistance to acids are the major factors boosting the demand for acid resistant lining materials market.

Demand for acid resistant lining materials market is high in industries with requirements of maximum chemical resistance. These include thermal power station, food & beverage plants, oil & gas refineries, metal processing (steel and aluminum industries), and chemical production plants. Other industries where acid resistant lining materials market can be employed are petrochemical and pharmaceuticals.
Acid resistant lining materials market is employed in industries where equipment, floors, ceilings, and walls can come in contact with strong chemicals and other corrosive substances. Several companies offer acid proofing services.

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They offer acid resistant lining materials and installation of these products. Selection of acid proofing solution for the protection of concrete and steel surfaces is determined based on several factors. Proper application of lining materials is a key factor determining the effectiveness of the product.