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New Delhi-{Nov 25,2018}: Parampara had presented Bharatanatyam Arangetram of daughter of V. Krishnan{Co-Founder and Director of Just Dial} and Eshwary Krishnan, Malvika Krishnan disciple of Marie Elangovan and Elangovan Govindarajan at Deshmukh Auditorium, Indian International Centre on 25th November 2018.

The Program started with the lamp lighting and Pushpanjali by Malvika and after that she performed Bhrama Kautuvam{This unique kautuvam is dedicated to Lord Brahma, who is regarded as the creator of the universe and the father of dharma} Alarippu{Alarippu is an invocatory item presenting pure dance movements to the accompaniment of rhythmic syllables}, Jatiswaram{Jatiswaram highlights the technical purity of the dance style}, Varnam{It is the centerpiece of any Bharatanatyam recital}, Bho Shambo{This emphasizes the greatness of Lord Shiva, the celestial dancer who is omnipresent and omnipotent.}, Aaj Ae Shyam Mohana{ The choreography of this bhajan depicts Radha’s joy on the arrival of Krishna and how she feels ecstatic being united with him in the Ras Lila}, Tillana{The statuesque quality of Bharatanatyam is fully explored in this dance} and Villinai Otta Puruvam{This popular folk song of Tamil Nadu describes the heroic deeds of Lord Karthikeya and the pranks he played on Valli}.

Malvika’s performance mesmerized the audience.

Chief Guest was Kathak Guru Padmashri Dr. Shovana Narayan {Eminent classical dancer and Choreographer}. She congratulated Malvika on her marvelous performance and added that to grow into a beautiful and successful dancer,it won’t be possible without the help and support of her parents.

Malvika, Class 11th student of Step by Step School, Noida has been learning Bharatanatyam from Smt. Marie Elangovan and Elangovan Govindarajan for over 10 years at Parampara Centre for Indian Classical Music and Dance. As a member she has performed at various prestigious venues at Delhi and NCR. Currently she is perusing a degree in Bharatanatyam from Pracheen Kala Kendra and has completed the fourth year examination, Visharad 1.

Gurus are Marie Elangovan and Elangovan Govindarajan. Marie Elangovan is an accomplished Bharatanatyam Exponent and a noted choreographer. Marie is an M.A gold medalist in Bharatanatyam from Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, Rabindra Bharati University and the recipient of many achievement awards.

Elangovan Govindarajan is a widely acclaimed singer, music composer, lyricist and nattuvanar. He is the Director of Parampara Centre for Indian Classical Music and Dance where he teaches Carnatic Music and has been bestowed with many awards and titles.

Last but not the least Malvika honoured her gurus Marie Elangovan and Elangovan Govindarajan, also Shovana Narayan with the flower.