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These days we see that Caesarea port is undergoing through an unusual development. A promenade by the crusader wall was created along with huge restoration of arches. Those arches, built like the entire city by King Herod the Great, served both as for storage and for carrying the podium on which the Temple for Augustus and Rome was. Some remains of the Temple were also found.

This 87-million-shekel project is only a part of the overall plan to develop ancient Caesarea and turn it to a site that can compete with Athens’ Acropolis or Pompei. Less than 10% of the city was dug and the idea is to expose other magnificent building such as a 25,000 seat theater or develop the ancient port – one of the largest around the Mediterranean Sea.

Today, Caesarea is one of the 2 most popular tourist sites in Israel (alongside Masada) and it is expected that this year the number of visitors in it will be around a million.