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A budding edu-tech start-up in the space of People Management has partnered with an active community for entrepreneurs to network, making it simpler for these individuals to understand their managerial talent.
As Community Ecosystem Partner, Pushstart is offering their members the chance to grow and boost their brand with the opportunity of being featured in Forbes India. The Great People Manager Study assesses People Managers basis their team feedback, capturing data that is further conveyed through reports with benchmarks and recommendations.
The Top 100 Individual Managers and Top 50 Organizations recognized from the Study will be invited to the Great People Manager Awards and will be featured in an issue of Forbes!
Entrepreneurs from a variety of industries and backgrounds have shown keen interest in this partnership, and are thrilled to take it forward. This is just another leap towards building a world of Great People Managers.
“The association between GMI and Pushstart brings in the much-required awareness about the importance of People Management in the start-up ecosystem, with founders getting the chance to judge their performance as a People Manager,” says Neeraj Joshi, Founder of Pushstart.
Pushstart is continuously conducting and hosting events to give like-minded individuals the opportunity to connect with each other. Majorly centred around WhatsApp and Facebook, Pushstart is an example of a new-age community that uses social media to build strong relationships.
Great Manager Institute is a global digital institute for personalized education and certification of People Managers. With an aim to give every individual the chance to work with a Great People Manager, they are redefining People Management.