General steel products are very easy to rust, which will affect the use of rust. Therefore, everyone needs to master the descaling methods of steel products to avoid their performance being affected. Seamless steel pipe is also a kind of steel product industry is prone to rust, so how do you derust the seamless steel pipe?

Steel refers to a metal material containing iron as a main element and having a carbon content of generally 2.0% or less and containing other elements. The difference between it and iron is the content of carbon. It should be said that he is more tough and durable than iron. Although it is not easy to rust, it is difficult to be eroded. If it is eroded and not treated in time, it will be easily eroded. Lose the functionality it should have.

When the seamless steel pipe is rusted, what are the usual treatment methods? Some people will clean the stainless steel pipe by cleaning. When cleaning, the surface of the steel should be cleaned with solvent and emulsion. This method is only used as an anti-corrosion aid, and can not really remove the stainless steel pipe. The role of rust. We can also use the steel brush, iron wire ball and other tools to remove the loose scale and rust on the surface before cleaning, but if it is still not good protection measures, it will be eroded again.

Pickling is also one of the methods for removing rust from seamless steel tubes. Generally, chemical cleaning and electrolysis are used for pickling treatment. Pipeline anti-corrosion is only used for chemical pickling. Although this method can achieve certain cleanliness but is easy to pollute the environment, it is not recommended.

The seamless steel pipe adopts jet rust removal, and the high-power motor drives the jet blades to rotate at a high speed, so that the abrasives such as steel grit, steel shot, wire segment and mineral are sprayed on the surface of the stainless steel tube under centrifugal force. Not only can rust, oxides and dirt be completely removed, but the steel tube can also achieve the required uniform roughness under the action of abrasive impact and friction. Spray derusting is an ideal way to remove rust in pipeline anti-corrosion methods. It uses a lot of physical theory to make the environment less polluting and clean.

It is necessary to do the rust removal work of seamless steel pipes. The above methods of rust removal of seamless steel pipes should also be mastered, so as to reduce the damage of seamless steel pipes.