After the release of his last album Aliens from Da Sun, fans have been everywhere online anticipating more killer songs from the lyrical genius. Well he sure does not disappoint as he has come back from a brief isolation wearing an absolutely terrifying mask this season.

Wait for it!

The young millionaire has been in the limelight for a few years now and he has continued to make waves with his genre of music, even as a hardcore explicit rapper. His songs are out to entertain with wicked beats but far from that when you consciously listen to his lyrics they strive to move not only the bodies but capture the hearts of people to live together in unity.

The singer’s rap lines are rich, with thought provoking lyrics lending the right amount of push to boost one’s financial strength and determination. His uniqueness and musical originality has added a new spark to the music industry. He very well integrates elements of Afrobeat, Trap, Afrotrap, RnB, HipHop and Rap to form his own genre he calls “Sun Music”.

Unique sounds and inspiration as always

A lot of his fans sought him for creating new, thrilling and original sounds which are intended for the conscious listeners. Wala Why remains to be an example of motivation to other people as a leader of motivation and a person who aims for unity. He is a music artist and producer who carries music which has the power to move a person’s body, and serving as a humanitarian who aims to move the hears of people across the globe.

Well here we are – its officially out and available on iTunes!

The newly released album listed 24 hip hop songs, all of which are readily available on iTunes for order. The album features collaborations with some blockbusting West Coast producers including Bricks, YN44 and Kid Hazel.

As a record producer, he has yet again showed his skills on this solid album. RA Vrs RAIT album is a real Hip Hop album inspired by PEACE love and blessings as quoted by the singer. The young millionaire has already proven his uniqueness in the crowd along with a fusion of his catchy conscious quotables that are inspired by ancient Egypt and Astrology. His songs are famous in featuring stories of pain, transformation, and growth.

And yes, if you are a realist, you will truly relate with all the songs on this album as it touches down to the reality of economic brutality. RA Vrs RAIT album is available for download for fans to purchase on the artist’s website – you can check it out!

Make sure you grab a copy of Ra VrsRait on iTunes . Get your copy today and you are sure to be pleased. Other projects of Wala Why include Aliens from Da Sun (2018) Birth of a Sun (2017), Rise of Ra (2017) & Aten Vi3/Vi3 (2016)