Once we start your heart treatment without surgery, you can prevent yourself from being in any heart surgical pain for sure. Sibia Medical Centre is proud to use chelation therapies as part of the intravenous drip to improve heart condition from within.
• Patients can easily feel a change in their life once they have started going for our therapies
• We are able to take care of angina heart problems from the core
• Each patient will be allotted a different heart valve problems treatment without surgery
• It might take some time, but in the end, this therapy is worth every second of your wait
• Just give us a call and pre-book for our appointment and never miss on any of the latest therapeutic update

Sibia Medical Centre is dedicated to care, prevention and treatment by latest patient tested methods. Sibia Medical Centre is primarily a No-Surgery Clinic dedicated to treating various diseases without surgery. What started as a small service to mankind has now turned into a wave and the clinic has treated patients from not only various parts of India but many different countries also