22nd November 2019- Indore,India’s Famous SMPP gateway provider has launched the best solution to deliver your thousands or billions of messages in seconds. At the time where SMS marketing has become a crucial strategy for mobile marketing, marketers need a highly powerful way to send their notifications, reminders, and alerts on time.

When we talk about HTTP APIs or RESTFUL API they do not have enough capacity to send thousands of text messages to provider’s server system. APIS is the simplest way to do SMS marketing right from their own business management application or website. Through APIs, you can deliver up to 5000 messages in a day.

We are happy to launch our SMPP Server for businesses like E-commerce who have huge consumption of SMS on daily basis. They need to send thousands of messages to their customers regarding order confirmation, refund status, promotional offers, shipping status etc. Similarly, SMPP Server Provider services are recommended for big clients.

SMPP stands for short message peer-to-peer protocol which is used to send/receive text messages from and to GSM phones. This the level 7 TCP/IP protocol which allows faster delivery of personalized and group messages.

1.No hardware is required, SMPP is TCP/IP based protocol.
2.Users can send text SMS to a simple shortcode, and this could not be possible with a cell phone.
4.High throughput up to 200 messages per second from a gateway.
5.Alphanumeric sender ID can be assigned for transactional SMS.

The use of our SMPP services is not only for E-commerce stores. But you can do following things with it:-

*Send voicemail alerts to mobile or landline users.
*Send alerts to the mobile users regarding the cancellation of the seminar or to notify when a server is down.
Send informational updates like stock market rates, traffic jam alerts, and weather forecasts.
Ask people to register themselves for an event or to vote himself/herself during elections.
Send SMS messages to your potential customers regarding real-estate, holiday packages, and various festive deals.

Our SMPP server application is used by clients to establish a connection with SMSC. Moreover, the client is ESME. SMSC’s exchanges data using an SMPP Connections at the backend. Our server panel will surely help you to grow your SMS business because in SMS industry delivery is the major concern of any user and to offer assured delivery you need powerful application or gateway.

Key features of our SMPP Server are:-

1.Manage the number of short message peer-to-peer users

2.Check bind status

3.Manage TCP dump

4.Preview total SMPP SMS consumption

5.Track SMS status

About us-

After getting success in the API services, we decided to launch our own SMPP server or SMPP client application for aggregators like us. We promise you to deliver the best SMS Marketing experience at our platform. Our pricing of bulk SMS services is also very affordable compared to other leading providers. We have experienced team members in our technical support that assist you 24*7 without taking any extra charges. We have a special sales team for SMPP Services that guides a proper utilization of SMPP to the interested client.

You can know other advantages by calling on 8349217770.