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Amsterdam, Amsterdam (webnewswire) November 23, 2018 – Artisan Capital Partners is opening its head office in Amsterdam to provide tailored liquidity solutions for industrial bakery assets across Europe and the Middle East. With additional branch offices in Tel-Aviv, Israel and Nicosia, Cyprus, Artisan Capital Partners is well-positioned to deliver the market opportunities and risk management industrial bakeries require for managing growth and long-term business health.

Artisan Capital Partners works with each industrial bakery client to identify the right liquidity solution for their business needs. Founded by Eran Ben-Avi and Avri Koriat, Artisan Capital Partners brings together a knowledgeable team with in-depth expertise in the industry. Combined with their many partners including equipment manufacturers, bakeries, and dismantling vendors, Artisan Capital Partners has the unique capability to create custom liquidity solutions for industrial bakeries. Artisan Capital Partners helps bakery’s reach their goals for every transaction such as maximizing value, reducing risk, or meeting time limitations, simplifying the process each step of the way. Taking into account the assets involved from individual items to complete facilities and whether the assets are free from liens or other encumbrances, Artisan Capital Partners works to find the right liquidity solution for each bakery. Artisan Capital Partners works with each client to explain the options available to collaboratively determine the best outcome for each transaction.

This customer centered approach places Artisan Capital Partners outside the traditional roles of buyers, sellers, mediators, and system integrators of used industrial bakery equipment, allowing Artisan Capital Partners to create novel solutions in a complex market for industrial bakeries. This direction is unique in the market, enabling Artisan Capital Partners to help bakeries stay focused on their core business of making great baked goods for their customers.

About Artisan Capital Partners:

Artisan Capital Partners tailors solutions and services designed to create liquidity from industrial bakery assets while consistently managing transaction risk. Based in Amsterdam, Netherland, Artisan Capital Partners helps bakeries across Europe and the Middle East manage assessing equipment, dismantling, transportation, as well as design, installation and testing to provide bakeries with a liquidity event that meets their goals.