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The Giant Panda, “User Requests” Release 3.0 of Song Rhythm Tracks – the innovative rhythm track arranger that uses audio drummers and AI algorithms.

Alive drumming responds to community requests. 
- SetList Sharing – Share your setlists in a similar way to sharing tracks 
- Search for SetLists – Download an entire album of tracks shared by others. Very handy for your rehearsals. 
- All samplers tracks now can be downloaded as setlists. Simply perform a setlist search for any of these names, “Afro-Cuban Salsa”, “Jazz and Blues”, and “Classic Country Music”. You can then receive all the track definitions (in the “deferred” state) where you can then choose at any time, to download any of the tracks. 
- Reworked Search – More stable + Allows for more functions during a search, such as duplication + Auto-browse to last track at the conclusion of the search.
- Introducing Holds and Pushes – This release adds options for and pushes to your arrangements, accessible via the user-defined arrangements page. 
Updated on-line guides – in all supported languages 
- Stability improvements.

Version 3.0, Song Rhythm Tracks is now available in the Apple App Store at

Finest quality rhythmic backing arranged for your songs – Easily via mobile app!