Everyone is familiar with SRMB TMT bars due to it’s sheer excellence that goes into the making of it’s products which forms the foundation of many reputed structures all across India. Konstrukt is the initiative of SRMB in which recognition is given to the promising and established civil engineers and architects for excellence
Kolkata, India: Konstrukt is a unique initiative by SRMB Steel which offers a competitive platform to bring the best of architecture, design, and innovation to the limelight. It is the first initiative in eastern India to acknowledge innovation and achievements in the construction and architecture industry. Unlike other award ceremonies, Konstrukt highlights noteworthy projects from every corner of the state – from local to projects, created by professional as well as students, from the Civil Engineering as well as Architectural fraternity.
The initial couple of seasons were focused on West Bengal, but the amazing responses from this fraternity had helped us to expand the realm of Konstrukt to different states, that includes almost eastern India, like Bihar, Jharkhand, and Odisha. Hope with all of your active participation, we can grow further and become a major landmark event in the Eastern Region.
Innovation is the driving force of any industry and construction is no exception. SRMB Srijan Ltd has always valued innovative architecture and design; with this in mind Konstrukt Design and Innovation Awards 2018 was introduced to recognize excellence in the field of civil engineering and architecture.
Earlier sessions saw stalwarts from the world of civil engineering and architecture sharing their views on innovation and recent trends of the construction industry.
Konstrukt facilitates innovation by reaching out to the grassroots levels and honor design innovation and excellence. It not only recognizes innovation but also serves as a platform for encouraging engineering students, architects & civil engineers to lead the future of design and architecture.