CAD Schroer launches version 6.3 of the professional standalone P&ID software

The new version of M4 P&ID FX enables process engineers to create intelligent P&IDs to international standards using customisable symbol libraries, and to easily share them with their clients and colleagues.

Professional P&ID Software
“M4 P&ID FX enables companies to create P&IDs to a professional level for a very affordable price”, says Mark Simpson, Product Line Manager at CAD Schroer. “With Version 6.3, we are offering customers even more P&ID functionality to quickly create and edit intelligent P&IDs”.
Faster creation of P&IDs
The new functionality focuses on performance, and makes it even easier to create P&IDs. This was achieved through the optimization of several tools, and other customer-oriented improvements in the software. Particular emphasis was placed on feedback from M4 P&ID FX customers, which is reflected in the enhancements delivered.
Easy renumbering of P&IDs
The new version of the software offers additional functionality to quickly edit P&IDs. Regions of existing P&IDs can now be copied and automatically renumbered after pasting them into the same P&ID, or even into another P&ID. This ensures continuous numbering and prevents errors through accidental duplication. Entire P&IDs can also be renumbered with a single click.
Full Reporting at any Design Stage
Unlike other P&ID systems, configurable P&ID parts lists, line lists and from/to lists can be generated at any stage of the design process – including from multi-sheet designs – to monitor a project’s progress.
Complementary 2D Drafting Tools & DXF/DWG Interface
In addition to a wide range of specialized P&ID layout tools, M4 P&ID FX also provides an extensive collection of 2D drafting tools to facilitate P&ID symbol creation, and a configurable DXF/DWG interface for easy data exchange with customers and suppliers. “We invite users to view our M4 P&ID FX demonstration video, and download a free trial. The software is delivered with tutorial videos and detailed documentation,” says the manufacturer.

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