(November 21, 2018) – There have been tremendous surveys of the three main refugee camps within the frontiers of Swiss. Zaatari, Azraq and Emirati-Jordan Refugee camps are those three widely surveyed camps. Survey analysis highlights the lack of access to quality education. It states that a mere 1 percent of the refugee population staying in these three refugee camps are somehow able to receive their educational qualification.

Further, the surveys also highlight that above 750,000 refugees from Jordan, are in dire need for educational intervention.

Deeply moved by the current educational statistics of these three educational camps, UniRef’s founders Mrs. Evelyn Wood and Mr. Bryan Wood entered into a partnership with the Al Badie Group of Companies (COO Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas). This partnership was intended to come up with an efficient University Education Program for the refugees.

The main focus of this project shall be imparting educational and vocational training to Jordan’s refugee camps. To a more significant extent, this project is directed towards benefiting the camp as well as urban refugees. These camps, as well as urban refugees, are those who have been living under extreme hardships for a considerable amount of their lifespan.

At the end of the Al Badie Group of Companies, its COO, Dr. Yaseen AlKamas shall be the chief knowledge contributor. Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas has been a phenomenal achiever throughout his entire career path and represents an iconic model for these refugees to take in charge of their future.

For more information please visit https://yaseenalkamas.wordpress.com/2018/06/06/a-swiss-charity-organization-joins-efforts-with-a-uae-company-to-make-university-education-available-to-refugees/

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