The Improve solar efficiency and maintain cleanliness Photovoltaic modules have to be installed in order to receive sunlight, but due to the nature of the installation, they are inevitably polluted from the surrounding environment solar six keeps the panel clean and can improve efficiency by about 10%.
Specialized solar panel module detergent:
• Detergent for removing dust, particles, dirt, etc. Covering solar panel modules.
• Neutral wash formulated with ingredients that will not harm solar panel modules.
• Detergent diluted to a 50:1 ratio for highly effective solar panel cleaning.
solar panel cleaning detergent Cleans gently without causing damage or corrosion to the module materials exposed to the outside including the frame, outer layer of glass, and back sheet.

Neutral PH 7.2:
Protects module longevity and is safe against the module’s external surface materials of aluminum, glass, and back sheets (fluoride film and PET film).
Superb penetrating force:
Clears the surface by penetrating even minute dust particles stuck to the outside with outstanding force.
Great at clearing surface from pollutants:
Minimize scrubbing with this quick and effect method. Reduce time and labor, while still providing an even more effective cleanse.
Economical usage:
Budget friendly use, diluted with water up to 50 times its amount.
Odorless and tidy:
Unscented formula provides comfortable usage without any harsh smells while cleaning. Diluted with water up to 50 times its amount.
Product information:
• Type -Solar panel detergent
• Components -20Liter/pail
• Dilute up to 50 times product amount (1:50 wash: product).
• Spray an adequate amount on solar panels.
• Scrub the solar panel with an appropriate brush or cloth.
• Brush with Solar six and complete.
• Increase generation efficiency 5-10%

• Lengthen the lifespan of your solar panels

Solar Cleaning Tools Supplier Korea – You can quickly remove the dirt and dust that has been accumulated for a long time to maintain cleanliness. Solar Panel Washing Soap – If snow is on the solar, no more power is generated. Failure to remove the eye may cause panel failure.