(November 22, 2018) – A name that remained prominent through the ups and downs of Al Badie Group of Companies is that of Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas. Dr. Yaseen is currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Al Badie Group of Companies. Besides, he also executes a prominent role as a robust business strategist.

Dr. Yaseen was born on the 27th day of December, in the year 1964. Today, Dr. Yaseen represents as one of the critical figures of Al Badie Group of Companies and plays an efficient role in devising their crucial business strategies.

While serving Al Badie group for nearly 13 years, Dr. Yaseen has contributed towards regions development. With thorough technical knowledge, Dr. Yaseen AlKamas holds many critical positions within the organization. Chief Operating Officer, Board Secretary, and Membership are amongst the essential places to feature Dr. Yaseen AlKamas.

Besides, he also holds an essential membership at Groups of Finance and Investment Committees as well as the Assets Owners Committee.

Talking concerning academic excellence, Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas is an Aeronautical Engineering Graduate from the University of Manchester. Moving on further towards enhancing his educational qualification, Dr. Yaseen acquired his Masters in Fluid Mechanics (University of Technology). He also holds a Ph.D. degree (Mechanical Engineering) and a CFA certification ensuring his deep understanding of how finances operate globally.

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