Diesel particulate filters (DPF) are equipment used to remove diesel particulates matter from the exhaust gas of diesel engines in order to prevent their release in the atmosphere. Diesel engines produces number of harmful particles during incomplete combustion of the fuel mixture. For different types of engines there are various types of particulate filter available in the market. The evolving technologies have resulted in the impressive development of diesel particulate filter efficiencies. Currently diesel particulate filter is among the most effective technology to reduce diesel particulate emissions. The filters are able to remove more than 85% of the soot (black carbon), when working in proper condition. Growth in the sales of heavy commercial vehicle in transportation and construction industry is resulting in the significant rise in demand of diesel particulate filter. Environmental consideration is top on the list in the market for diesel particulate filter, hence the demand for more durable diesel particulate filter is fueling the market. Owing to the aforementioned factors the global market for diesel particulate filter is expected to witness a significant growth during the forecast period.

Diesel Particulate Filter Market: Dynamics

Growing production and sales of diesel vehicles across the globe is the key driver for diesel particulate filter market. Increasing environmental concern and rising health concern is resulting in the demand for reduced carbon and other particulate emissions from automobiles exhaust. Such concerns are expected to fuel the demand for diesel particulate filter market during the forecast period. Another factor driving the growth of diesel particulate filter market is the rising demand of used vehicles which requires relatively higher maintenance.

Rising preference towards electric vehicles may be a challenge to be faced by the manufacturers. In order to minimize environmental pollution, a shift towards the use of electric vehicles over conventional fuel based vehicles has been observed, but as the market penetration of electric vehicles is very low therefore in the near future it is not a prominent threat. Moreover, the government is also providing incentives and subsidies to promote the electric vehicles.

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Due to increasing pollution levels every nation is making a shift towards green standards resulting in implementation of stringent norms and regulations such as European emission standards and Bharat Stage emission standards.

Diesel Particulate Filter Market: Segment

Diesel Particulate Filter market can be segmented by product type, by material type, by application type and by sales channel

By product type the Diesel Particulate Filter market can be segmented as

  • Regenerating type filters

  • Disposable type filters

By material type the Diesel Particulate Filter market can be segmented as

  • Cordierite wall flow filters

  • Silicon carbide wall flow filters

  • Ceramic fiber filters

  • Others

By application type the Diesel Particulate Filter market can be segmented as

  • Light vehicles

  • Heavy vehicles

By sales channel type the Diesel Particulate Filter market can be segmented as

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

  • Aftersales market

Diesel Particulate Filter Market: Regional Outlook

Owing to its vital role in reducing exhaust emission of a vehicle, the market for diesel particulate filter is growing at a substantial rate. Given the increasing demand for diesel vehicles, the global diesel particulate filter market is anticipated to grow at a good pace in Asia Pacific region. Increasing stringent norms in European countries from various environment protection agencies is demanding new and advanced technology in the diesel particulate filter market to reduce the release of particulates in the atmosphere. This is resulting in the significant growth of market in Eastern as well as Western Europe.

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Diesel Particulate Filter Market: Key Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global diesel particulate filter market include:

  • Delphi

  • Tenneco Inc.

  • Faurecia

  • Freudenberg Filtration

  • Johnson Matthey

  • Bosal International

  • Sinocat Environmental Technology Co. Ltd.

  • Eminox