Cooperative societies were always present in India but after 2002 these have seen a substantial growth, this was due to the fact that Indian government provided a legal framework for Multi State Cooperative Societies by passing a law in 2002. This law makes it easier for the residents of a Cooperative Group Housing Society to handle their affairs in a democratic way amongst themselves. After 2002 real estate market has seen a boom in multistate CGHS all over the country.
The approval of land pooling policy in Delhi has made locations like L zone a hotbed for new housing projects and even among these many are Multistate CGHS. This is to be a smart city under the smart city initiative of the central government, which means that this is will have all the latest facilities using the current technology. The availability of high-speed internet, all round uninterrupted electricity and water supply, and a high frequency of transport will make this are very popular and in demand.
Among the latest projects being constructed, Adhikari Awas Yojna stands out. This project is located in the L zone and perfectly adapts the concept of the smart city, with the latest security features like sensor and smart card enable doors. The connectivity of this project is also very good, with the presence of expressway and IGI airport very near to this project. This project will have a number of facilities like meditation center and auditorium for recreation purposes, also there will be many sports facility available for the residents. Presence of open green spaces will also add to the benefits of this project, by making sure that the environment is healthy around the project.
One of the major concern of prospective buyers is the availability of parking area, and this concern has been fully addressed by providing ample parking arrangements. The current affordable prices make this projects a good opportunity even for investors.

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