LONDON, 19 Nov 2018:, the UK’s leading car distribution network, has announced it will be introducing their services to London this year, in what is anticipated to be the largest number of visibly obtainable collective electric cars in the country.While full details of the scheme and how it will work will be revealed when it launches in December 2018, direct scrap cars UK can endorse that:They will make it easy to Scrap Your Car. SELL YOUR MOT FAILURE. SCRAP CAR REMOVAL IN LONDON INSTANT CASH FOR YOUR JUNK CARThe direct Scrap Cars will be available as part of the popular, by-the-minute they are always here to help you out. Direct scrap cars tend to pay great prices. At direct scrap cars, we will tow your unwanted vehicle for free and provide you top dollar cash for it.More details of this initiative, how it will work and what it will cost will be discussed further in upcoming news. Take a look at our press releases above and keep up to date with Direct Car Scrap UK news, as it happens.