SURAT, INDIA – October 05, 2018, Greencom Ebizz Infotech, one of the main IT Company has recently launched another application with awesome features named “PopUp Dictionary: Copy Text to Get Instant Meaning”.

In the 21st century, everyone need is to talk in English, however, because of the lack of English vocabulary and sentence structure, they are not prepared to do. Word pronunciation is furthermore the issue looked by people.

PopUp Dictionary deals with this issue by giving all features in one application.

Also. it provides word meaning within the document, Just copying a word and get the meaning immediately. It is extremely easy to use so anyone can use it without any difficulty.

Extraordinary features of the application:-

✔ Voice Search
✔ No Cost to Download
✔ Favorites Tab
✔ Word Pronunciation
✔ History – Track your Words
✔ Offline Mode
✔ Synonyms
✔ Night Mode
✔ Image Search
✔ Word of the Day
✔ Sentence Formation

Suresh Kalathiya, CEO of Ebizz Infotech said: “All apps are launched in the favor of users, this Popup Dictionary is also for those who want to overcome with this language barrier problem ”.

A couple of sources revealed that a few applications particularly Bhagavad Gita and Horror Stories are in a line for future dispatches on Google Play Store which is said be a work in advancement.