When sending text messages to clients for business purpose, SMS gives a great opportunity to business owners. In fact, the user has to rely on a new era of technologies by providing exclusive SMS updates that go beyond than just simple text. SMPP Service by gateway provider is a useful tool for sending a high volume of promotional & transactional messages. This entire system is hassle-free and extremely affordable in terms of desires.

On the other hand, the SMPP server provider gives a possible solution and seriously take care of all sending messages to mobile users. Short message peer-to-peer made impressive outcomes and addressing text SMS in a rage. It is widely helpful in business promotions and nowadays become the most effective way of sending notifications and other important updates. Furthermore, SMPP is a boom for companies and addresses with the right people.

The leading SMPP service providers in India are here to help businessmen’s to stay in touch with their potential customers. Luckily, it is now possible to go ahead with the popularity of your product and implementing a convenient option. The SMPP services come with standard protocol level that has 7 TCP/IP and ensures the fastest delivery of text messages.

Apart from this, our self-hosted SMPP interface helps users to get connected with multiple SMSCs. Any external gateway can be added along with the load balancing system to handle big SMS campaign.

Some of the best advantages of SMPP services include-

1. Advance billing module :-

MCC, MNC code and mobile prefix based advance billing module to leverage cost-friendly routing of text messaging traffic.

2. Failover handler :-

In a case when there is failover due to technical errors pending traffic of that particular gateway will be diverted on an alternate SMPP gateway.

3. Queue monitorization :-

Queued SMS messages on each SMS gateway can be monitored easily using live queue monitoring tool to get a sense of system capability and congestion.

But do you ever thought how to send SMS using SMPP?

SMPP client communicates with the SMPP server by industry standard protocol which is a native way of sending texts. SMPP client application must take care of SMS and transfer them to a server for its delivery. When there is any change of status for an SMS then the server will transmit a DLR back to a client. So, we don’t have to take care of making extra action to retrieve the SMS delivery report. Everything will be taken care of by a robust short message peer-to-peer protocol.

No matter whether you’re owing an education institute or real-estate business or an aggregator like other SMS gateway provider SMPP is beneficial to deliver thousands or lakhs of text messages in seconds. The delivery of SMS depends on the throughput & number of sessions of the SMPP server provider. If their TPS is high the more you can send messages in bulk, if they provide you small TPS the less you can send messages to the server.

So, the motto behind using SMPP is now clear! Just choose a good SMPP server provider for your business.