Meanwhile, checking Blood Pressure is recommended by doctors nowadays, you have to make sure about certain points too. Any of the point miss, will result you in the inaccurate results of your blood pressure.

Here are some things to consider:
1. What should be the equipment to check blood pressure at home?

You can either look for Aneroid Monitor or Digital Monitor, depending on your comfort and knowledge about the both.

2. Difference between both the types of machines?

Aneroid Machine: It manually checks your blood pressure in an effective way. Additionally, it has a gauge that you read by looking at a pointer on the dial. The cuff easily goes around your upper arm and you squeeze a rubber bulb to inflate it by your hand; here’s how the mechanism works.

Aneroid monitors often cost less than digital monitors and more effective to use as per the studies reveal. They range in price may vary, but usually sticks from about $20 to $40.

Digital Machine: Effectiveness is a different factor, but they are easier to use than Aneroid machine and also more popular than them. It has a gauge and stethoscope in one unit. It also consists of error indicator. The reading of blood pressure comes on small screen. Also some pieces provide the facility of print out of your reading.
Effectively cost between $30 to $100.

3. How to know if you’re using your machine correctly or not?

Once you buy your BP machine, consult your doctor/nurse to understand the proper functioning of the machine. Make sure you understand everything in a well-based manner, else any confusion can lead to further problems.

Once you make a choice of buying the machine, keep a note of the above points to get the best piece for your health.