Are you a little surprised hearing that how can Ten Machine work during labour pain of pregnant women? Don’t be, we’ll tell you more about it.
Before understanding how Tens Machine can work in this period, let us make you a little more aware of how does it work:
• The machine delivers electrical pulses through the electrodes in the skin and thus reduces pain.
• It comes with 3 to 4 adhesive pads.
• You can control the frequency and intensity of the electrical pulses based on the extent of pain you are experiencing.
• The machine has different controls.
• It is connected by lead wires to the electrode pads that need to be placed appropriately to alleviate your pain.
• Some of the units are battery operated and can be carried in a pocket.

Now when you’ve got an idea that what does a Ten Machine do, here are the reasons why it is good to use in Labour period, with proper advisory of your doctors.
• It is a non-invasive method of reducing pain in labor.
• You can use this at home during early labor.
• It does not restrict your movement in labor.
• You can control the machine according to your needs.
• The machine offers medical pain relief.
• It is portable and you can carry it with you wherever you go.
• It is said to have no adverse effect on your baby.
So though, it seems to have enough good affects, but before using any of the Ten Machine during the labour period make sure you’ve consulted your doctor before taking any step further. Also you need to ask the women too, if they really feel the requirement of this product or not, it is totally a wish of the user.