If your ex has done some black magic on you and has put you under the back magic spell then there are certain symptoms with which you will be able to identify it.the reason could be any thing fronm revenge jealousy to ill-will.
If your ex has done the black magic on you then you will not be the same person at all as your energy field will get altered and so will you approach and personality .you will become a different person. You will start acting in a funny manner and start doing things that you might have never done before
There could be many symptoms which could reveal that your ex has put a hex on you for example-
Becoming absent minded- The person may become extremely absent minded and he might be lost in the world of his own .He may continuously be thinking of his ex all the time. He may lose his interest in everything.
Illusion.-He might be the under the state of illusion as might just see his ex all the time at all the places
Change in nature and approach.-his basic nature and approach may change .His approach towards life may just get altered .He might become more romantic or philosophical or he may just become more aggressive minded and start quarrelling with others for no reason at all.
Altered physical appearance- The physical appearance of a person may also change owing to this spell as he might gain or lose excessive weight and may become fat or this or his height may just get altered as he may become tall or short
Change in voice -Another symptom could be the change in voice as his voice may get altered and he may talk on different pitch .The voice may become feminine from masculine or vice versa.