Furniture Refinishing is the best alternate to spend money on purchasing new furniture. As well, when you find furniture with required features and fit to a specific place, it becomes a part of your home. It is not a wise choice to replace it for small issues. In such case, furniture refinishing professionals can help you to bring back the aesthetics of your furniture. Heath Refinishing is a furniture refinishing service provider in Dallas. From modern furniture to old antique piece, they provide high quality service in a way of improving its life span.

Refinishing Process
In heath refinishing, they solely prefer for high quality chemical, dyes and other materials. They are following standard process to refinish the furniture in a proper way, which includes stripping, fixing, sanding, staining and finishing. After analyzing the issue, they reassemble the furniture and fix it. They so not apply the coating blindly above the old one. Instead, they carefully remove the previous coating and apply the new one. At the finishing process, all the furniture is sprayed at private booths to accomplish smooth and beautiful looks to the furniture.

Custom Furniture Design
Heath Refinishing also offers custom furniture designing services as per the specification needed for the customers. They also suggest you the ways how to design the furniture by considering different aspects like where you are going to place it, the purpose of the furniture, how much weight it should carry and your budget, etc. As they are concerned about providing furniture the long lasting quality, they consider the factors environmental factors and seasonal changes while choosing the wood.

Service Cost
They have a flexible price range depends on the type of furniture and severity of the damage. From small chair to large cabinet, they mention price ranges in the website page. If you need a quotation for specific furniture you can request it through the contact page with the picture of your furniture.

About Heat Refinishing
Heath Refinishing is the perfect place to have best furniture refinishing and customer furniture designing. They have skilled professionals, who are passionate towards innovative furniture making. In addition to this, they offer other furniture services like small repair, fixing furniture parts, polishing, etc. All the furniture works we done is up to customer’s expectation. As they are using high quality tools to repair, stains to polish, they can bring guaranteed end results. For more information, visit

9441 Mimosa Rd
Frisco, TX 75033

Phone: 972-658-8672