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9th November 2018:- The Web2SMS gives a sigh of relief for the chilling winter to all the cell phone users, as messaging rates heats up the market by becoming the most common medium of communication. Of all time and places, the transactional SMS services have become the biggest boost. This company has lifted the rating bar of transactional messages to promotional SMS, to beat the newly growing annoyance.

The transactional message service and bulk SMS services in India are often misused. By not changing the charge of 5 paise per transactional messages, this company is trying to diminish the new norms. Moreover, the company is keeping the charges of normal SMS below the 2 paisa rate, which is a relief for the operators. Although there is a proposal of increment of rates, which has not been done by the company. But as per company officials, these rates will be effective very soon. The total change of business can suffer a great impact for sure. The largest sufferers can be stock marketing, banking sector, education, and health. Though these sectors earn a lot of profit if the rates increase, they will be very dissatisfied. The customer relationship management will be directly affected if the rates get increased.

For example, in order to provide messaging alerts, few banks are charging 15 rupees. While interacting with the customers, few banks have strategically reduced the sending alerts. As a direct effort for the common people, this has in turn led to reduced security, lesser interaction and uniform updates.

To cater to the needs of a wide range of clients across Kolkata, this company has given has provided special provision. While making it cost-effective, this company has taken several different strategies. This company has managed to stay ahead of the park while providing cutting-edge results with the industry best technical team. This has been also effective and user – friendly.

The Company’s Marketing Director, while speaking on the services said that Many of the services are near decade old. For the esteemed client, our goal has been to provide remarkable solutions. To attain our leadership position in the SMS industry, clients have helped us a lot and we feel joyous to serve the clients. We not only provide promotional SMS, shortcodes, transactional SMS, apart from bulk SMS.

Through the multiple SMS gateway networks, they send group text across the region to the clients. With the click of the button, you can send customized bulk SMS to the total audience. Just like sharing prices, commodity prices and more, the company also premium bulk SMS solutions.

WEB2SMS is an SMS marketing company, which sends various types of messages for creating brands and promotes the business.