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Micro irrigation is the frequent application of small quantities of water and that is above and below the soil surface. Usually as discrete drops, continuous drops or tiny streams through emitters placed along a water delivery line.

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It is a family of irrigation systems consisting of two major types namely,
Drip Irrigation and
Sprinkler Irrigation,
And is being majorly used in agricultural practices for precise water application.

Axiom MRC Added an, “Micro Irrigation Systems Market Research Report, By Type, Component, Crop Type, End User and Geography – Global Market Share, Trend Analysis and Forecast Up To 2024”

Micro irrigation Market Analysis:
Micro irrigation has become one of the prime irrigation systems due to multiple advantages offered by both drip irrigation systems as well as micro sprinkler irrigation systems. The key advantages of micro irrigation are optimized performance, cost effective and low maintenance systems.
Also micro irrigation systems are majorly used to save unnecessary usage of water, energy as well as fertilizers thus avoiding the wastage and increasing the crop yield.

Micro Irrigation Market Segmental:
MIM by Type:
Drip Irrigation
Micro Sprinkler Irrigation.

MIM by Components:
The major components used in the micro irrigation are as drip emitters, irrigation valves, polyethylene tubing, filters, micro spry/sprinklers.

MIM by Crop Type:
Orchard Crops & vineyards
Field Crops
Plantation Crops and
Other Crops.

MIM by End User:
Industrial Users
Farmers and others.

Micro Irrigation Market by Geography:
North America
Latin America
Middle East and Africa.

Full report overview:

Micro Irrigation Market Players:
Driptech Incorporated
EPC Industries Limited
Hunter Industries Incorporated
Jain Irrigation Systems Limited
Lindsay Corporation
Nelson Irrigation Corporation
Netafim Limited
Rain Bird Corporation
Rivulis Irrigation
T-L Irrigation Company
The Toro Company
Valmont Industries Inc.

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