Illuminates Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has recently launched a brand new peer-to-peer lending and borrowing platform called yBuySell. It is a platform to lend and rent various items. At the moment, the platform is available for only Indian users. The company has launched their website which gives brief detail about the concept of yBuySell. The company has also launched the mobile application for both, Android and iOS Users.

As per the shared details by the representative of yBuySell, all transactions will be done via the mobile application. This platform is to lend and rent various items and it is consumer to consumer application. The role of the team yBuySell is that of a connecting agent. The listing, bidding, negotiation and selection are solely in the hands of the borrower and lender. Pickups and deliveries can be handled by the lender and/or borrower to save costs or, in some cities, can also be arranged through one of yBuySell’s delivery partners. At the same time, the company has implemented all required policies for consumer protection to deliver the highest satisfaction to its users. A few examples of the type of items available for borrowers on yBuySell:

• Bicycle
• Fitness tracker
• Camera
• Luggage bag
• Laptop
• Mobile
• Tablet
• Tent
• Baby car seat
• Baby pram
• Baby cot

According to shared details, yBuySell users can also create custom requests for products which mean there is no limit to the type of things you can borrow. Think of the savings!

“We often need things for temporary use. For example, if you go for trekking and camping, you might need a tent. The only choice we had earlier was buying one even if we know it will be used only once. However, with yBuySell the table is turned. All you need to do is rent it from someone just like you who has bought it earlier but isn’t using it anymore. What’s more, you only pay per day rent and save! That’s it! Isn’t it convenient?”, shared spokesperson of the company.

He further added, “On the other hand, we all have many things in our house and office, which are in an unused state for months and we have no plan to use it. However, we all have that belief we may need it so we don’t sell it. With yBuySell, you can earn for these unused things. You can download the app for free and join the yBuySell Community. When there is someone in your city post a need of rental items, you will get push notification. If you have the item available to give on rent, you can make an offer. The app gives a platform to negotiate and once the deal is finalized, you can give your item on rent. This way you can earn for your unused items.”

The yBuySell doesn’t exchange contact details of two parties until the deal is done and they are ready to pick up the item. Your contact details are kept private, so you don’t need to worry about getting unnecessary calls. We have taken great care to ensure comfort and privacy at every level.

As per the shared details, the app is free to download and use for borrowers and lenders. You can download it from Apple and Android app stores from following links: