At Access-Able Designs, we understand the challenges faced by individuals who need assistance while taking bath. To support those individuals, we have designed a range of ADA compliant shower benches.

The seats are designed in such a manner that anyone can use them while taking a bath. But, they are specifically made for individuals who are suffering from a physical disability. Several people with stroke or other such issues have used our benches to ease up the bathing process.

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It is also ideal for seniors who face issues like arthritis or Parkinson’s. If your loved ones face difficulty standing or are prone to falls, then you can take the support of our benches.

Most of the times, the individuals recovering from a major injury also require support while bathing. They can also find it easier to take bath with shower benches.

We are the first company to engineer folding shower seats that come with four adjustable legs of support. There is an option to buy these benches with phenolic tops. Phenolic is a lightweight and robust material that prevents the growth of bacteria. This resin material doesn’t require oiling and will not splinter. Choose from wood-grain or white surface finish.
A lot of individuals ask what the capacity of these products is. The capacity of the shower transfer seats varies by the model you have selected. But, the capacity isn’t less than 250 lbs. While installing the benches, you need to ensure that proper instructions are being followed.

Another question that the customers ask us is whether they will get any warranty. With most of our products, you will receive a warranty of five years.

Our products aren’t just limited to residential use. Various nursing homes, hospitals, fitness centers, and hotels have also placed our products on their premises for their respective clients.

Every variant from Access-Able Designs is made using 3014 stainless steel. This grade of steel offers an aesthetic appeal that ensures the bench looks great in your bathroom. It lasts for a long time and is resistant to stains and corrosion.

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When you order a product from our store, you can expect the delivery by 10-14 days. In case the product isn’t stock or is to be customized as per your needs, you will receive it within three weeks.

The starting price of the ADA shower seat is 229 dollars. There are 11 different variants with a unique set of dimensions and features. Order the one that suits your needs from here: Call us at this number if you have any query related to the products: (877) 853-7816.