On this occasion, one of the representatives of Elision Technolab LLP aka Elision announced the launch of Voice Logger Solution for business. This voice logger solution is provisioned with the features that can benefit businesses. It is available in three different forms:

• Voice logger software
• Voice logger hardware
• Voice logger mobile application

This solution comes with many different features. The fundamental feature of this solution is call recording. Thus, it is also known as call recording solution. It can be used to record selective or all calls of the whole company or a specific department.

As per the shared details, the company has the most advanced voice logger solution that can be used by any company. This call recording solution is provisioned with a wide range of features. Some of them are listed below:

• Web based Admin panel
• All call recording and playback
• Selective call recording and playback
• Live status of the call recording solution
• Backup
• Keyword spotting in call recording
• Reports
• And more

“We have different models for different communication infrastructure. The VoIP solution such as, call center solution, IP PBX solution, etc. can use the voice logger software application which can be integrated within the solution. The people that use a PSTN landline can use the voice logger hardware. We provide this hardware which needs to be attached with the landline device. If a company uses mobile phones, they can use the mobile app developed for voice logging. If a business use all three types of communications, then they can use all three systems to create a connected communication system”, shared spokesperson of the company.

He further added, “We have provisioned the voice logger solution for many companies including Ahmedabad Stock Exchange. It is the demand of many businesses and we have strong clientele and portfolio to show.”

As per the shared details, this voice logger solution provides many benefits. Some of the key benefits are briefed below:

• Adhere Government Compliance

There are some departments and industries in which government has a legislation of recording the calls. Also, the business needs to show the call recording if an inspection in conducted by the government officers. The reliable voice logger solution is very useful here.

• Improve Call Quality

The voice logger system will record all calls. This gives a lot of data to analyze what’s going right or wrong in your different departments. This rich set of data will help in making certain policies and arranging some training sessions so you can increase the call quality and code of conduct. Please be advised here that call quality means the way a call is handled by your staff members

• Improve Business Brand

When your staff handles call with the highest level of professionalism, it will not only increase the customer satisfaction, but it will also create a bigger impression of your business in the industry. You will improve the business brand.

As per the shared details by the company, the voice logger solution has helped many businesses and the company is looking forward to assist more businesses. To know more about this solution, please visit http://www.elisiontec.com/voice-logger-solution